Izumi Filter Materials

For over 35 years, Izumi America and our parent company Izumi-Cosmo Company of Osaka, Japan has worked closely with our suppliers to become the globally recognized source for the industry leading brand of spun-bond non-woven media for pleated filter cartridges and pleated bags used in the air pollution control and valuable product recovery industry. Izumi group works closely with our suppliers to meet our customer's most difficult requirements. Consider Izumi your source for your filter media solutions.

About Our Filter Materials..

Izumi America offers a spunbond non-woven fabric composed of 100% polyester continuous filament, features high strength and density. Utilizing these advantages, it is the ideal material for a wide range of uses, including filter materials in industrial applications. Our filtration offers extreme dust holding capacity while allowing for a low pressure drop, high air flow and high burst strength. With its high tensile strength, stiffness, durability and pleatability it has been the top choice for manufactures in the North America for over 30 years. Our proven history has shown that our material has a low energy consumption, easily cleaned and has an extended service life.