Izumi Architectural Tent Membranes

Izumi America offers the highest quality tensile membrane fabric on the market today, known for its high strength, tear resistance and excellent panel welding. Our material is manufactured in Japan with premium materials, which ensures its high tensile strength and durability. We use PVC based formulation with a PVDF lamination providing UV protection, flame & stain resistance, and no degradation, cracking or color change for up to 20 years.

About Our Architectural Tent Membranes

In the fields of industrial materials, especially in the area of woven synthetic textile material such as nylon and polyester, we have a history of 40 years as a manufacturer of such items as tarpaulin, tent, and canvas material coated with PVC, synthetic rubber, and property-enhancing resin. To cover this field, we have three divisions: a Transporting Division for truck covers, flexible containers and sheet houses; an Awning and Sign Division for sign and awning material; and a Construction Materials Division which supplies protective sheeting and safety net. Putting its versatility to use, Izumi makes enhanced property, high quality finished products that conform exactly to user needs.

Our tensile membrane fabrics are specifically designed to meet your most demanding requirements. Our light weight material is made with anti-wick polyester fiber and is self-cleaning and is easily maintained, offers perfect UV, stain and flame resistance. To maximize the life span of our product we have designed our material with a PVDF membrane to ensure that you will see no degradation, cracking or color change for up to 20 years. We laminate our PVDF membrane film by using a 3-ply lamination machine with thermocompression bonding. This process allows for excellent adhesion and the thick laminated layer of PVDF does not allow for any plasticizer migration. Great weldability using a hot air welder such as Leister hot air tool.