Izumi America, Inc.

Izumi America, Inc. has been a leading provider of textile products in the U.S. since 1968. A distributor and manufacturer skilled in connecting American manufacturing needs with high-quality textile products produced with cutting-edge technology.

Our mission is to deliver high quality products to the U.S., while also exporting high quality American products to Japan. Izumi has become the U.S. leader in filter media sales by providing the most consistent and finest quality products for air pollution control and recovery. In our five textile divisions we currently offer: polyester spunbond nonwoven filter media, architectural tent membrane, projector screen material, nylon plush fabric (hook compatible) and liner-cloth for tire processing.

Izumi America Inc. is a California corporation located in Aliso Viejo, California. Izumi America is a subsidiary of Izumi-Cosmo Company, Limited headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Izumi-Cosmo was established in 1947 and in 1968 the first American office was opened in New York City.

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Our Beginnings

In Japan:
1947 – Izumi Trading Co., Ltd. Established in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.
1950 – Head office moved to Soze-cho (present-day Nakanoshima), Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan.
1956 – Tokyo branch office opened.
1971 – Head office moved to Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan.
2002 – Head office moves to current location in Osaka.

In America:
1968 – New York Office Opened.
1972 – New York Office becomes an American Corporation.
1980 – Los Angeles office is opened, becomes a California Corporation.
2018 – New Jersey moves to Orange County, California.

Even More About Izumi..

Our Beginnings

At Izumi America, our goal is constantly to cultivate and create new values and new markets. Our passionate devotion to this goal has allowed us to weather some turbulent times and accumulate over 70 years of business experience. Izumi America’s relies on years of market research expertise and our group network’s broad technical know-how to pioneer products and then to successfully market them. This allows us to continually adopt to rapidly changing needs. Because products and markets are constantly changing, we know that we cannot rest on our laurels. We always have our sights set on the next horizon.

Our greatest strength is our ability to innovate. Our expertise in market research and technical development allows us to quickly evaluate and fulfill the needs of the consumer.

Izumi products are the result of a perfect collaboration between management, development, engineering and our affiliates. Management obtains timely information about customer needs, then our technical specialists carry our research and development that results in actual products. This process allows us to function efficiently as both an importer and manufacturer.

Izumi America Filter Materials Division


For over 35 years, Izumi America and our parent company Izumi-Cosmo Company of Osaka, Japan has worked closely with our suppliers to become the globally recognized source for the industry leading brand of spun-bond non-woven media for pleated filter cartridges and pleated bags used in the air pollution control and valuable product recovery industry. Izumi group works closely with our suppliers to meet our customer's most difficult requirements. Consider Izumi your source for your filter media solutions.

Izumi America Screen Materials Division

Screen Materials

Izumi America's screens are easy to use for anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Portability is also our basic concept. Our user-friendly, super lightweight compact mobile screens are ready for immediate use. The mobile screens feature Izumi America’s latest technology to the fullest. In addition to the simple operability, we have maximized the screen performance with high luminance and broad viewing angle. The same high-performance material we use in our finished products is now available to manufacturers. Learn more about our range of projection screen materials available now.

Izumi America Screen Materials Division
Izumi America Canvas Materials Division

Architectural Tent Membranes

Izumi America offers the highest quality tensile membrane fabric on the market today, known for its high strength, tear resistance and excellent panel welding. Our material is manufactured in Japan with premium materials, which ensures its high tensile strength and durability. We use PVC based formulation with a PVDF lamination providing UV protection, flame & stain resistance, and no degradation, cracking or color change for up to 20 years.

Izumi America Tire Liners Division

Tire Liners

Izumi's liners have been proven to increase cost savings, productivity, and inprove tire production. Our durable liners can be used repeatedly which leads to lower costs over the long-term. All manufacturing can be adjusted to meet our customer's needs such as the stiffness or flexibility of the liner. By using a release liner suitable for the process, we can help reduce your loss rate and decrease waste.

Izumi America Tire Liners Division